Current Activities

The radiation protection committee (RPC) is involved in a number of work items within the EANM and in connection with outside organizations.

  • Congress:

The RPC actively participates in the development of the EANM annual congress by offering dedicated sessions on radiation protection. This year our focus will be radiation protection of patients and staff and technology advances. There will be a Joint Symposium with the European Radiation Dosimetry Group (EURADOS) covering some of the current „Hot Topics in Radiation Protection“.  Moreover, the RPC is going to participate in a collaborative Pre-Symposium with the Thyroid Committee dedicated to the „Update on Treatment of Hyperthyroidism“.

As time runs fast, the RPC is already busy with the next annual congress to be held in Hamburg in 2021. As a committee, we do our best to figure out which topics are the most relevant to our Nuclear Medicine Community to help them to better serve their communities (staff, patients, relatives, caregivers, environment).

The RPC is also involved in working groups concerning EANM position papers on the need for dosimetry under the European basis Safety Standards, and a paper on the relevance of radiobiological research for future development of nuclear medicine.


  • Representations:

The RPC also represents EANM at international conferences such as the RPW, IRPA or ECMP. It is also present, by representation, in European organizations whose subjects of concern are geared towards radiation protection. These are EURAMED, MELODI, EURADOS, etc. These representations are important in order to agree on the challenges of radiation protection and to promote this discipline efficiently.


  • Teaching:

The objective of the RPC is to create a radiation protection course as part of the ESMIT structure, the level and content of which are under discussion.


  • Guidelines Publications:

An important part of the work of the RPC is the reviewing of the guidelines published by the various EANM committees. The objective is to verify the accuracy and adequacy of the content – chapter, paragraph – dealing with radiation protection aspects, both for the patient and for the public (entourage) and caregivers.


  • Publications:

The RPC is considering the publication of guidelines or articles dealing with specific radiation protection points with the aim of helping the nuclear medicine community on these subjects.